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The Dress that was hidden into a plane: Issey Miyake and his 132.5 orgiami dress

October 15, 2010

Why are the japanese so brillant? Do they have a particular gene that make them create wonderful, poetic and perfect shape? I still haven’t discovered their secret, but I can at least show you this 132.5 collection by Issey Miyake.

These pleated garments take shape originally from a plane. No cut, neither sewing but just a subtle pre- established folding that allows a single piece of textile (from recycled PET polyester by the way) to become a dress, a shirt or jacket.

This project has seen the light thanks to his collaboration with computer scientist Jun Mitani, who created a software that enables him to create 3D forms from a 2D panel.

The name of this collection “132.5 Issey Miyake” holds a secret meaning with these numbers: “1” signifies a single piece of fabric; “3” and “2” refer to the three-dimensional shape which can be flattened into a two-dimensional form; and “5” is a reference to the fifth dimension. The fifth dimension, according to Miyake, is the precise moment when the garment is worn on the body and comes to life “through the communication among people.”


source: fashioningtech and ecouterre

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