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Molecular Food turns to be Molecular fashion: Edible Cloth By Emily Crane

September 20, 2010

When I first Herard about Emiliy’s work, it was on Philippa Wagner Blog some months ago.

I was already very interested in her work  because I am in a “phase” of research where I work a lot about nature process inspired fashion design ( rather than just nature aesthetic appearance). Unfortunately, back then, apart from few pictures,I couldn’t get more informations about what exactly Emiliy is doing.

Just few days ago, Philippa Wagner posted additional pictures about her work. Then I also find a fabulous video about her work.

Emiliy is not the first to have worked with what we call “scientific couture”:  Donna Franklin or Suzanne Lee and her Bio Couture from the CSM created garment made from living organism as cellulose bacteria or other fermentations. But what I found interesting in Emily’s edible clothing is that she took inspiration from molecular food and all its process, in order to create different textures. The result is also beautiful and very poetic  and doesn’t inspire a little of disgust as it might be in Franklin or Lee.,But what it isn’t explained and I’m very curious about is if this textile took their shape independently  or if Emily had to manipulate them afterwards… would be interesting to know even if I think that she created the form rather than letting the surface taking shape by itself.

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