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some things about flexibility…

June 17, 2009


Today on MoCo Loco blog I was looking for posts about textile and I found two projects that appealed me a lot.

Both of them talk about flexibility, a caracteristic of textile that is  enhanced and explored since recently. And there’s a link with how now architecture and interior design could be seen, that is to say, no more as rigid and hexagonal structures, but  more as flexible and dynamic environments, corresponding the most to our dynamic social relationships.

The first project is the “pillow blanket” by Jung You. Basicly, it’s a flexible blanket made of several cushions that are sewed in such a way that you can envelopp them around you or fold in order to give the blanket different uses (blanket, carpet, cushion, etc.)

Image 5

Image 6

Image 7

Image 8

Image 9

I’m glad to say that the second project is from Florian Kraütli, a swiss designer (I don’t have so many occasions to be a little nationalistic) but based in the Netherlands. “Magnetic curtain”, as its name points out, is a curtain in which are incorporated magnets that allow you to create different forms of the same curtain. The structure is origami-like and reminds me the clouds project of the Bouroullec that I really love.

Image 10

Image 11

Image 13

Although these two projects are not electronic neither smart or intelligent, the way they are thought have a lot in common with many smart and sensitive design projects (or at least those which interest me): the flexibility, the capacity of evolve and change are recurrent parameters in the creation of smart textiles. More, they are the key of design thinking of today and tomorrow (and I hope for a long time).

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