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Journeys between Ourselves by Jayne Wallace, digital jewelry.

March 2, 2009



Jayne Wallace is a jewelry and electronic designer. On her website she explains the concepts of her works.: Jewellery has an inherent connection to the body, it is meant to be imagined on or in a relationship with a body – this creates a form of intimacy that is particular to jewellery objects. Even when not worn or considered un-wearable this intimate context remains. For me another form of intimacy arises from the role often played by jewellery as a symbol of self, of identity and of inter-personal relationships. Functioning in this role the object becomes a conduit to transport us to other times, places and people and also a container for our feelings about that associated ‘other’. Many of these qualities are peerless and inimitable; elements that I have long harnessed within my practice and in my research exploring the potential to integrate digital technologies and jewellery objects through focusing on the intimate spaces created by interpersonal relationships and our own sense of meaningfulness.


Her project ” Journeys between Ourselves” are a pair of digital neckpieces that are interactive and sensitive to touch. The touch of one causes the second to tremble gently. This interaction is a tactile echo that reflects their closeness and feellings for each other.

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