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“Address” by Mouna Andraos: e-textiles, hacking and DIY

March 2, 2009


The making of electronic devices designed especially for wearables are, for the most, not yet commercialy available. This factor could be a serious handicap in the development of wearables, but some designers have taken advantage from this inconvienient developping projects from existing electronic devices.

This trend that we define as “hacking design” makes the most of  electronic device systems as MP3 players, GPS, digital radios, etc and re-appropriate them in a subversive manner. Most of the time, this process leads up to a creation of  atypical and poetic objects and often results from questioning about homogenization of electronic industry and their limited use. In this light, Mouna Andraos designer, artist and lecturer at the NYU Interactive Telecomunication Program, creates electronic object and wearables coming from hacked devices. Her project “Address” (2007-ongoing) has been created with the collaboration of Sonali Sridhar. This project consists of an electronic pendent with a embedded GPS which calculates the distance between a place that the user chosed as his “anchor” and the place he is now.

A little display on the pendent shows the kilometeres. This project is both a jewel and an electronic object, and acts as a link between us and our favourite place. The GPS systems doesn’t  indicate us how to reach a place but rather communicate to the others and ourselves our bond to some place.

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