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Philips design probe: the Skin Dress

February 17, 2009

The “Philips Design SKIN Probes” programm has imagined an interactive and luminous dress “the SKIN Dress” wich is the result of a research on body adorment and luminous surface. somme sensors embedded in the inner surface of the dress mesure the movement, the temperature,  the heart pulsation of the human body and proximity with another person. All these informations are then translated on the visual surface of the dress by changing LEDs intensity sewed  on the fabric. This garment can therefore play the role of an interace between the wearer sensations and and her surrounding.

why I like it:  This project fits perfectly with my concept of electronic and/or sensitive textile, so that they can experiment with other means of expressions, hard to do until now with traditionnal fabrics. Feelings and emotions more abstract and intimate can be translated through these kinds of wearables.

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