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Virtual textile, haptic simulation

February 12, 2009

With some applications like Fashionizer (created by MIRAlab, Geneva), the 3D textile simulation is creatad from physical parameters of different textures (linen, denim, wool, coton). They are defined in material options. 2 categories are then evaluated.

First, the environmental parameters, as gravity, collision distances and detection modes. Then, intrinsic parameters  of the object itself as elasticity, viscosity, bending rigidity, surface densitiy and so on.

All these parameters are then registered and put on a 3D model (person or object). It is possibleto animate the model and to visualize the textile tactility through the screen.

These parameters try obviously to recreate the most possible reality, but we could also put some datas in the parameters that radicaly differ from reality and so create a textile that exists only on the screen.

In my inititation to Fashionizer, I put some “false” informations and the result was a textile with a irreal and magical elasticity that challenges the gravity law.

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